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Record Stats at the Albury JT

Record your junior player's tennis stats at the Albury JT this week. GT STATS helps your junior understand their strengths and weaknesses and will demonstrate to their coach the areas of their game that need work BEFORE their next coaching session. Once you've downloaded GT STATS from the App or Play Store, you can run through our "Get Started" screen at ... More

GT STATS New Onboard Experience Lets You Do More for Free

The new GT STATS is available on the App Store and Play Store now. The user friendly interface, stats and graphs plus remote mode are all there. The major change is the experience users will have when they first open the app. Current users take note. There are some changes to the new version that we're sure you're going to like as well. Getting ... More

Forget the Controversy – Stats Say Serena was Outplayed

Forget the controversy. The stats tell the story of Saturday's US Open Women's final between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams. Serving Stats It's pretty unusual for Serena to be outdone on serving stats, but she was, and by quite a margin. The stats below illustrate pretty clearly that Serena's first serve percentage was too low. It got better in the ... More

Remote Mode – Keep Family and Friends Updated with Live Scores

GT STATS "Remote Mode" is almost here! Live score updates from around the corner, across town, across the country or over the other side of the world. What is Remote Mode? If you're like me, you log the stats of your junior's matches point by point. At the change of ends, I usually skip over to messages to provide a score update to interested family ... More

Federer v Djokovic – Cincinnati Final. What the Stats Say

In an effort to demonstrate the value of stats, even at the pro level, I recorded the Cincinnati final on Sunday using GT Stats. Not that the stats will tell Roger Federer anything he doesn't already know! The stats do reveal what RF is probably working hard on in the lead-up to the US Open next week. Part of the value in doing this exercise is to point ... More