What’s Happened to the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor?

In a market that showed so much promise, it seems the tennis sensor industry has died off a bit in 2017. While the world waits for new entrants (and there are some, but more on that later), a stack of people are asking "what's happened to the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor?" The Best Racket Sensor in the Business In our ... More

The In/Out net mounted line caller

Hawk-Eye for the Cost of a Racket? Plus Analysis? Wow

If you watch tennis often enough, you're well aware of the Hawk-Eye technology used in professional tournaments these days. It tends to take the controversy out of matches and brings the crowd into the game through "ohs" and "ahs" as the result appears on the big screen at a professional match. Trouble is, at 60K per ... More

Tennis Sensor App Showing Flat for Spin – Video Analysis

In an article in July, we argued against sensors showing flat as a reading for spin. Zepp, Qlipp and Babolat Play all have three spin types within their apps - topspin, slice and flat. Sony Smart Sensor has two- just slice and topspin. Biggest Problem with Flat On the screenshot (right) from our recent 100 ball ... More

Racket Speed or Ball Speed – Which One Is More Important?

The four tennis sensors (Sony, Qlipp, Zepp and Babolat Play) have rather different outputs for "Speed". So, as a player and/or coach, is racket speed more valuable or more important than ball speed, or vice versa? It should be stated at the outset that all you will ever get from Zepp and Babolat Play are session or ... More

Sensor Says Flat. Correct, or Just Varying Degrees of Topspin and Slice?

Three of the four tennis sensors available on the market today measure three types of spin when a player hits a ball. The Zepp, Qlipp and Play sensors all measure topspin, slice and flat. The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor only measures the first two. There's never a mention of a flat ball. Does a Flat Shot Exist? The problem ... More