The Qlipp’s Accuracy – Any Improvement?

It's been a while since our original Qlipp v Sony accuracy hit session. In early September, the Qlipp developers released a new update which, among other things, was supposed to improve the serving algorithm. The Qlipp's accuracy was called into question during our last test, with only 69 out of 100 shots correct. Sony, ... More

Qlipp v Sony – Are Tennis Sensors Accurate?

Tennis sensors are a relatively new addition to tennis. The Qlipp Sensor is the latest to hit the market while the Sony Smart Sensor has been around a little longer. We decided to get a handle on whether the output from these devices is accurate. Why Qlipp and Sony and not the Others? Two simple answers: Session Log ... More

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Tennis Sensor Comparison Table – How They Stack Up

The GT Sensor Comparison Table lists the four main tennis sensors available on the market today: Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, Zepp, Qlipp and the Baolat Play racket. All have been independently tested by tennis players, both juniors and adults, as well as by coaches. It should be noted from the outset that Gadget Tennis is ... More

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Sensor Accuracy Challenge Part 1 – Groundstrokes, Volleys and Serves

4 Sensors, 1 accuracy challenge. We strapped, clicked and fiddled our sensors into a few rackets. We changed the player a few times and threw a few juniors into the mix. Why? To see if we can get some sort of handle on the accuracy of the products available in a fairly young product market - tennis sensors. Our ... More