Sensor Reviews

Head Tennis Sensor – Game Changing Mount. How About the Analytics?

The new Head Tennis Sensor arrived on retail shelves a few days ago, amid very little fanfare it must be said. The sensor is "powered by Zepp", which rings a few alarm bells based on our testing. We've been testing the Head Tennis Sensor for the last couple of months. The companion app was clunky and difficult in beta ... More

Zepp 2 Video – Review of Video Functionality

In Part 1 of our review of the new Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor we delved into the on-court and app experience. In Part 2, we're still looking through the app but looking specifically at the new video functionality. For those familiar with Zepp 1, 3D Man was as "video" as it got. Zepp 2 has two options when it comes to video, ... More

Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor

Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor – Any Improvement on the First Zepp? Part 1

The Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor hit retail shelves a couple of months back.We were hesitant to test it based on our review of Zepp's first foray into tennis racket sensors. More than that, in our article last month we revealed the new Head sensor, which is powered by Zepp. Whether they're the same or similar will be revealed ... More

Babolat Play – Review of The Sensor Built-In to the Racket

Babolat Play is the only tennis sensor that's built in to the racket. Rather than going down the path of compatibility with the Sony Smart Sensor, Babolat went for a sensor that's already there, embedded in the handle. We play tested the Babolat Pure Drive model. For the record, the Babolat Play racket felt ... More

Zepp – Review of the Sensor that Promises A Lot. But Does it Deliver?

The Zepp Tennis Sensor is a great example of the power of marketing. Criticized by its detractors (with good reason), the Zepp still has a lure even after the box arrives at the door and you download the app onto your smart phone or tablet. It looks good. Then comes court time. (more…) More