Record Stats at the Albury JT

Record your junior player’s tennis stats at the Albury JT this week. GT STATS helps your junior understand their strengths and weaknesses and will demonstrate to their coach the areas of their game that need work BEFORE their next coaching session.

Once you’ve downloaded GT STATS from the App or Play Store, you can run through our “Get Started” screen at zero cost and no obligation.

Explore our Stats and Graphs

Have a look through the stats and graphs of a famous match. Tap a graph or magnifier icon to see how powerful the information is.

Add to Our Demo Match

Tap around the user interface to see how easy it is to use. The demo match starts with the score at 1 set to love, so there are already some stats and graphs to view as well.

Load Your Own Match

Add two players, tap on who’s serving first and away you go from start to finish.

Further Details

If you have any questions, you can contact us at, through our Contact page, or by Instant Messenger on our Facebook page

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