GT STATS is Now Available for Android

After a successful launch on the App Store last month, Android users can now download GT STATS onto phones and tablets.

Is There any Difference in Functionality in the Android Version?

None whatsoever. We’ve been able to replicate match loading and all analytics on the Android version. As with most apps, GT STATS hasn’t been tested on all Android devices, but we’ve tested extensively with the major brands to ensure compatibility. If you find an issue with your device, please let us know via our Contact page.

Cross Platform Functionality

One of the most exciting aspects of GT STATS is the ability for users to see match results, stats and graphs on both iOS and Android. That’s not just because both platforms are supported (although that is pretty cool). It’s because of the functionality that will be available at the end of August.

Remote Mode will allow a user to log a match at a court while a remote user can view updates of the match from another location – across town or across the world. More details regarding Remote Mode can be found here.

Even if the user logging the match is using iOS, a remote user will be able to view live score updates on their Android device. Cool just got very cool.

Coaches and parents take note. The cross platform functionality will also mean that a parent using one platform to record stats can share those stats with the coach who may happen to be using the other platform. Very cool just got……I might be a little outdated to know what the next level of cool is!

For further features and pricing details, click here.

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