The Coach’s Blog

GT Stats’ Coach’s Blog is divided into 2 parts: 1. Functionality of the app and 2. How to use the stats and graphs to best help your junior player.

GT Stats Functionality

  • GT Stats is Now Available for Android - After a successful launch on the App Store last month, Android users can now download GT Stats onto phones and tablets. Is There any Difference in Functionality in the Android Version? None whatsoever. We’ve been able to replicate match loading and all analytics on the Android version. As with most apps, GT Stats hasn’t been […]
  • A New Stats App for Junior Tennis Players Now Available - GT Stats is now available on the App Store and on the Play Store. We’ve built GT Stats specifically for junior tennis players, their families and coaches. We’ve made it easy to record and view stats for parents, while providing key information for coaches of junior players. Why Junior Tennis Players? Simple. GT Stats has been […]
  • GT Stats Features and Pricing - The GT Stats free promotional period has now ended. To continue using GT Stats, a monthly ($4.99US) or yearly ($29.99US) subscription is required. How to Subscribe The first thing to note is that all Subscribers receive the 7 day free trial. Even if you’ve used GT Stats for the entire promotional period, you will still […]
  • Remote Mode – A New Way to Keep Family and Friends Updated with Live Scores - GT Stats “Remote Mode” is almost here! Live score updates from around the corner, across town, across the country or over the other side of the world. What is Remote Mode? If you’re like me, you log the stats of your junior’s matches point by point. At the change of ends, I usually skip over […]
  • Tennis Scoring Formats – Pick One or Load Your Own - Tennis scoring is one of the most brilliant inventions in modern sport. There aren’t too many sports out there where winning more points can still mean losing a match. While not overly common, such an anomaly happens more than one would expect in tennis. As tennis has evolved as a sport, so have the scoring […]
  • GT Stats – Upcoming Functionality for Tennis Coaches, Juniors and Parents - GT Stats is committed to updating its content on a monthly basis. Content covers new graphs and stats plus minor updates to the app. We also have some big plans for GT Stats functionality over the next couple of months. Remote Mode and Stats Selector are two of the big additions. Remote Mode Functionality Possibly […]
  • Recording Stats and Scores with GT Stats - So you’ve loaded the players in a match plus a few match details like where you are and the scoring format that’s going to be used for the match you’re going to record. Now to record the stats of the match. The first thing to remember is that every point in tennis ends with a […]

Stats and Graphs

  • Forget the Controversy – Stats Say Serena was Outplayed - Forget the controversy. The stats tell the story of Saturday’s US Open Women’s final between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams. Serving Stats It’s pretty unusual for Serena to be outdone on serving stats, but she was, and by quite a margin. The stats below illustrate pretty clearly that Serena’s first serve percentage was too low. […]
  • Federer's Return of Serve unforced errors too high in Cincinnati Federer v Djokovic – Cincinnati Final. What the Stats Say - In an effort to demonstrate the value of stats, even at the pro level, I recorded the Cincinnati final on Sunday using GT Stats. Not that the stats will tell Roger Federer anything he doesn’t already know! The stats do reveal what RF is probably working hard on in the lead-up to the US Open […]
  • Serve error location pie charts Graphs – Stats That Make Sense to Junior Tennis Players - I’ve always loved viewing statistics graphically. Be it for tennis, business or a stock price, graphs make a lot more sense than numbers on a screen. That’s because they tell more of a story than a list of numbers. When it comes to junior tennis players, pure numbers on a screen make even less sense. […]
  • Winner to Error Ratios – Tennis Stats that Matter - There are a lot of parents at tennis tournaments and comps every weekend watching their juniors. One of the common comments is “he/she is just making too many unforced errors”. While that might be true, how many is too many and how should an error count relate to the winner/forced error count? This is where […]