A New Stats App for Junior Tennis Players Now Available

GT STATS is now available on the App Store and on the Play Store.

We’ve built GT STATS specifically for junior tennis players, their families and coaches. We’ve made it easy to record and view stats for parents, while providing key information for coaches of junior players.

Why Junior Tennis Players?

Simple. GT STATS has been developed by a couple of tennis parents. As luck would have it, one of us is a Tennis Coach and the other an App Developer. We’ve developed GT STATS over the past year to help our boys learn more about their games; where they’re doing well, where they need improvement and, most importantly, where they have improved.

Not that they wouldn’t have improved without their dads developing an app, but it’s made it a whole lot easier for player, parent and coach combined. Not to mention fun.

What Does GT STATS Do?

GT STATS can be divided into two parts: recording stats and viewing stats.

By tapping a couple of balls on a screen, and maybe the odd pop-up box, you’ll be recording statistics for analysis, while also updating the score automatically.

Either during or after a match, you can view all the stats for that match. In testing the app with our junior players, they got a far greater benefit from viewing the stats graphically rather than just the numbers on a screen. So, we added graphs to the major stats and will continue to add more each month.

Free 1 Week Trial

You can head straight to the App Store or Play Store now to download GT STATS. Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app you’ll be able to use full functionality for 7 days free.

To continue using GT STATS beyond the 7 day free trial, you will need to subscribe, either in-app, via our website links or in the App/Play Store. A monthly subscription is $4.99US. Yearly is $29.99US.

GT STATS will be free for coaches with 4 or more players subscribed to the app. Please let us know who you are via the form on this page.

Remote User Functionality

Ever sat at your junior’s matches and typed group text messages at every change of ends to provide score updates to family/friends/coaches? Not any more! Provided the device on which you’re recording a match is “connected”, updates to anyone can be live and dynamic through GT STATS.

It’s the next best thing to being at the match! Remote User functionality will be available 7th September.

How Do I Get It?

Download it on the App Store now! Android users download it on the Play Store now!

If you have any questions about GT STATS, check out our FAQ page. You can also check out The Coach’s Blog, written by our resident coach, Nick. There you will find articles to help you with functionality and getting the most out of the stats and graphs.

Beyond that, if you have any questions please contact us via our Contact page or email gtstats@gadgettennis.com

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