GT Stats – Upcoming Functionality for Tennis Coaches, Juniors and Parents

GT Stats is committed to updating its content on a monthly basis. Content covers new graphs and stats plus minor updates to the app.

We also have some big plans for GT Stats functionality over the next couple of months. Remote Mode and Stats Selector are two of the big additions.

Remote Mode Functionality

Possibly the most exciting, and largest, functionality release is Remote Mode. We’ve all been there as tennis parents: you’re the parent assigned the task of stats collection, or perhaps assigned the task of “score updater”. You find yourself tapping two different screens; one for updates and one for stats.

GT Stats new functionality coming soon includes Remote Mode
Then there’s the family member at the other end waiting… waiting… waiting for each update to come through.

We thought there had to be a better way. So, we’re designing it!

Remote Mode will allow someone with a connected device – Android or Apple – to receive live and dynamic updates of a match being recorded. Across town or across the world, GT Stats will be able to inform family, friends and coaches of what’s going on in a match, just by having the app open.

When? We’re in the final stages of testing at the moment. Remote Mode will be available September 7.

Stats Selector Functionality

In its current form, GT Stats records winners/forced errors and unforced errors for each shot. In addition, there’s error location, which allows player/parent/coach to easily determine which areas of each shot require work. That’s all by default.

As a coach and lover of tennis, I’m very aware that there are other stats that coaches would like to see and have the ability to record. Things like:

  • Rally length
  • Player position in the court
  • Momentum swings
  • Spin
  • Type of shot eg drop shot, lob

There are plenty of others. Part of the reason for not having a whole lot more in the first place is that it becomes far too complicated to record stats for one point. You’d potentially still be tapping the screen once the next point starts.

Within the next few months, users will have the ability to record the default stats, but also have the ability to load more detailed stats like the ones listed above. Perfect if a player is trying to work on a specific area of their game. If you have match video, load everything!

Users will be able to pick and choose which stats to load pre-match, then go ahead and load them!

Doubles and Email

In its current form, users can only load singles matches. Within a couple of months, it will also be possible to record stats for doubles matches. Because GT Stats has been designed for junior player analysis, doubles stats will be loaded by team, not by individual player. At a young age, it’s more important for players to see the team stats rather than feel bad about their own personal performance or that of their partner.

Also within the next couple of months, a button will be added to the Stats screen which will enable users to email match stats to their player’s coach, or whoever. This functionality will be available in addition to Remote Mode.

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