Recording Stats and Scores with GT STATS

So you’ve loaded the players in a match plus a few match details like where you are and the scoring format that’s going to be used for the match you’re going to record.

Now to record the stats of the match. The first thing to remember is that every point in tennis ends with a Winner, a Forced Error or an Unforced Error. For more information on these, see this post. We can further break down the winner/error categories into the type of shot ie serve, forehand, backhand.

From there you’re just a few taps away from statistical brilliance!

Serve/Return Screen

After telling GT Stats who’s serving first, you will be presented with a screen with lots of yellow and red tennis balls. Yellows are for Winners and Forced Errors. Reds are for Unforced Errors.

If the first serve is a fault just tap the red ball under the server’s name (left side). The app will ask you for the location of the fault ie “Net”, “Wide” or “Long”. Tap one of those and top row of balls will fade, illuminating the bottom row ready for a second serve.

The rest is fairly self-explanatory. The 2 balls on the left are for the server’s stats. The balls on the right are for the returner. If the point goes beyond these 2 shots, you’re going to need to tap the middle ball for a 3+ shot rally.

3+ Shot Rally Screen (Shown Below)

Notice the server still appears on the left and the receiver on the right. On this screen you need only tap which player ended the point and how it ended. If an unforced error ended the point, you will be prompted to tap the error location – net/wide/long again.

Once done, GT STATS will return you to the serve/return screen ready for the next point. Note the score has been updated at the bottom left. GT Stats will maintain correct tennis scoring throughout a match.

Other Functions

If you make a mistake you can just tap the undo icon at the top right of screen. Complete a point then tap that icon to undo the score and any associated stats.

If you miss part of a match, you can catch up by tapping the + icons next to the score at the bottom of screen. Tapping + will adjust the score without loading any stats.

Next to the Undo icon, you can tap the graph icon to view the stats during a match. Probably not a great idea to do this until the change of ends!

Last of all are the directional arrows between the player’s names at the top of screen. They ONLY appear at the start of a set or at all times during a tiebreak. In this coach’s experience, tiebreak scoring is where juniors are more likely to get the server wrong. If they do, tap the arrows to reverse the server.

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