The Scroller – Tennis Stats for any Time in a Match

Have you ever wanted to show your junior the stats from a particular score in the match they just played? Have you ever watched your junior lose a match from a winning position? Perhaps they won the first set and had 3-0 in the second and went on to lose? Or perhaps the reverse?

The problem with tennis stats is that they tend to show the stats of an entire match or by individual set. If your junior led by a set and 3-0 and went on to lose, wouldn’t it be cool to check the stats up until that score? Then see them from that score through to the end of the match?

Now you can.

What is the GT Stats Scroller/How to Use?

The Scroller itself is easy to find. It’s on every graph for every match. Just tap on one of the graph icons on the stats screen. At the bottom is the scroller with the score. It defaults to the beginning of a match on one side and the end of a match on the other.

Simply move the scroller to the desired score. If you want to see the stats up to 6-3 3-0, you’ll be moving the right scroller button until 1 set and 3-0 appears. For the stats after that score, move the left scroller on top of the right, then the right back to the end of the match. You can even show the stats for 1 game, particularly useful for a game with a lot of deuces.

How the Scroller can Help Your Junior

Below are the stats for an actual junior match. The score was 5-3 to the top player in the first set. The below player went on to win the first set narrowly then run away with the match. It’s fairly easy to identify what happened. Top player’s stats don’t change all that much from the first screen to the second. The below player made a stack of forehand unforced errors to 5-3 down in the first set, but turned that stat around from then on.

Junior match where score was 5-3 in the first set
Stats from 5-3 to the end of the match

What Else to Look Out For

There are many examples of where the scroller can help.

The mental side of tennis comes in large part from experience. After a really tight first set, it’s often the mentally tough player who earns an early advantage in the second set. Usually that’s the player who wins a tight first set, but sometimes the relief of winning a set can cause a player to relax and switch off.

There’s also an art to closing sets and matches. It happens all the time in juniors: one player is leading by a fair margin and then switches off (I call it “junior nap time”) before closing out the set or match.

Perhaps your junior player is a notoriously slow starter. Maybe it takes a while for their serve to get going. Show them the stats of the first few games of the first set and then the stats for the rest of the match to demonstrate areas that need work.

The above are just a few examples of when to use the scroller. I often find myself making a mental note during a match when I thought there was a turning point. Scroll to that point in the match afterwards to show your junior what you saw, both to that score and afterwards.

As always, it’s about improvement and having fun while improving. Use the scroller to demonstrate to your junior why they need more practice on a particular part of their game…..then maybe let the coach know!

Future Scrolling Functionality

Not far down the track, the scroller will be a part of the main stats screen. You won’t be restricted to viewing a part of the match graphically. You can view the raw numbers from any time in a match as well.

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