Zepp 2, Head Tennis Sensor and In/Out Testing in November

The sensor market has remained quiet recently but things seem to be heating up late in 2017.

The New Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor

Zepp 2 Tennis SensorFind our review of Zepp 2 here.

The Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor is now available from select retailers. We’ll have our hands on ours at the end of October for extensive testing.

Apart from a completely new look, it seems Zepp have added some new functionality to the app. Notably, the new Zepp 2 has some sort of video capture, although we’ll be interested to see if it records an entire session with the ability to play back by shot a la Sony Smart Tennis Sensor.

The biggie with the new Zepp 2 is in the racket attachment. For those who have read our sensor reviews, you will know we weren’t huge fans of the original Zepp Tennis Sensor. Both options for attaching it to you racket – flex and pro mounting – made for a completely different feel of any racket.

While the Flex and Pro mounts still exist with Zepp 2, owners of Wilson, Prince and Srixon rackets will be pleased to know the Zepp 2 comes with its own Insert mount. Remove the cap on your Wilson racket. In goes the Insert mount and on goes the sensor. If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s the way Sony attaches to compatible rackets, Wilson among them.

Watch this space for our review in the next week.

Head Tennis Sensor

Find our review of the Head Tennis Sensor here.

FB_IMG_1508815070151As if the new Zepp 2 wasn’t enough, the Head Tennis Sensor, powered by Zepp, has just crossed our path.

We’ve started our testing of the Head Sensor and the cap/attachment design is a stand-out feature. Off comes the regular Head cap and in goes the sensor. No change to the feel of the racket. No pesky feeling of the sensor on your hand for those with a touch of over-hang on the grip.

The Head Tennis Sensor, powered by Zepp, is due for release in 2018. At the moment, the companion app to the Head Tennis Sensor looks very similar to the new Zepp 2 sensor. We’ll make our own comparisons when we get them side by side with usable data in coming days.

The timing of the commercial release of the Head Sensor and the Zepp 2 sensor is a strange one. Zepp 2 is now available but the Head Sensor won’t be on the market until, we’re told, the beginning of 2018.

Head Sensor Update

The Head Tennis Sensor has been released. Find our initial review here


The In/Out net mounted line callerWe’re still awaiting our In/Out device for testing in coming days. The latest from creator, Gregoire Gentil is that the devices have arrived in California. The apps have been approved by iTunes and Google Play and shipments are imminent.

We’re really hoping we have the In/Out for testing by the end of October, but fear further delays.

In/Out Update

Delays ran well into December. Our detailed review will be published by the first week of February.

14 Replies to "Zepp 2, Head Tennis Sensor and In/Out Testing in November"

  • Mika
    October 27, 2017 (12:09 pm)

    Have you had the chance to try out the Zepp 2? Claimed to be the better version of Zepp. http://www.zepp.com/en-us/tennis/specifications/

    • Nick
      October 27, 2017 (7:37 pm)

      Hi, we’ve just been looking through the specs of the new Zepp 2 again. At first glance, it looks very similar to the Head Sensor that we’ve started testing already. At a second look (prompted by your comment – thank you!), there’s enough of a difference that we’ll be having a closer look at the Zepp 2, testing to start this Wednesday, 1st November. We’ve amended this article to reflect testing of Zepp 2 as well.

      Thanks again.

  • Alessandro
    October 27, 2017 (8:08 pm)

    Hi there,
    I have created the official cloud services and app of the In/Out device, and I just got my hands on the end product!
    I made a quick unboxing video to ease everyone else’s wait! 🙂

    • Nick
      October 27, 2017 (9:04 pm)

      Thanks Alessandro. Like the packaging. Like others we’re itching to get our In/Out wrapped around the net post for full testing.

  • Paulo Cesar Correa
    January 13, 2018 (1:28 am)

    When Head Tennis sensor will be available on retailers?

    • Nick
      January 15, 2018 (4:40 am)

      Hi Paulo, we’re trying to confirm that information at the moment and will post here as soon as we know anything.

  • Jaakko
    January 17, 2018 (9:42 am)

    Hi, I got the Head sensor yesterday but unfortunately not yet found the app anywhere, the address is not given @ head.com. Do you know where to download?

    • Nick
      January 17, 2018 (10:58 am)

      Hi, at the time of writing (early morning East Coast US), the app has only been released on Android. The iOS app is supposed to be released in the App Store at some stage today. We’ll continue to monitor.

      The app is very different to the one we beta tested at the end of last year. Full review to come.

  • akwaba
    January 27, 2018 (4:02 pm)

    i’m ready to buy and test head sensor (as my very good sony sensor is already damaged after 5 months,flashing error). But i’m waiting your expert review of the head sensor.
    Do you know when you think you will publish the review of it ?
    best regard’s
    Ps : i like really much your technical approach of review and impartiallity

    • Nick
      January 28, 2018 (4:50 am)

      Hi, we’ll be publishing our review of the new Head Tennis Sensor this week, by Wednesday 31st January. Just a couple of extra tests to run.

  • Euri
    February 16, 2018 (8:24 pm)

    Hello! Any news on the Head sensor and the in/out ? When will they be available?

    • Nick
      February 18, 2018 (8:18 am)

      If you mean the actual products, they’re both available. Our review of the Head Sensor can be found here. We haven’t released our review of the In/Out yet. It’s been a lengthy review process but should be available on this site soon.

  • Jon
    April 19, 2018 (12:39 am)

    I see the a second run of In/Out is now available. Did you guys ever get a chance to review it? Maybe search skills bite but I can’t find anything.

    • Nick
      April 19, 2018 (1:04 am)

      Hi Jon, We haven’t reviewed the update due to some time constraints with other projects (GT Stats). We’re getting to it in April and May. As a quick heads up, we love the product as a concept, but we’re sceptical about it’s placement in the market as a paid beta version. It’s getting there and a lot depends on the use for which you want it ie just line calls or a little analytics as well.

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