First Look at Babolat’s New Pulse Sensor Coming in 2017

In another effort to lead the way in tennis gadgets and technology, Babolat appears to be planning the release of a brand new tennis sensor in mid-2017. And now we have a snippet of early marketing to prove it (full flyer can be seen below). It would seem the “Pulse” lives!

New Babolat Pulse Zoom

Babolat Play, Pop, and now the new Pulse

To date, Babolat is the only racket manufacturer to have delved into tennis sensor technology through the Babolat Play rackets (left) and the Pop wrist sensor. Both have their problems. Not least of which is the simplicity of the data provided. The Play doesn’t provide shot by shot breakdown nor video functionality. The Pop is more of a social networking product rather than a serious analytical tool.

Babolat PlayEnter the new Pulse. From the marketing (and the rumors), Babolat is attempting to solve the problem of racket compatibility by having their Pulse sensor fit the cap of Babolat rackets. It converts to a string bed sensor for all other rackets. That’s a bit of a game changer for Babolat, and they know it.

They’ve even alluded to it in the marketing: “The specifications are unchanged” (see above image). Ie the specs of the Babolat racket won’t change by fixing the Pulse into the handle.

One of our problems with the Qlipp Sensor (and possibly the Smart Dampener to come) is the 8g (0.28oz) it adds to a racket head. That’s a lot of additional swing weight. The advantage of a string bed sensor is the flexibility to affix it to any racket.

It would be a bit of a marketing coup if Babolat produced a sensor with the weight advantage of the Sony Smart Sensor (for Bab users) and the flexibility advantage of the Qlipp (for all other rackets).

The last thing the marketing seems to indicate is that the Pulse will replace the Play. The Pop may stay as a stand alone product.

So, What Data and When Will it be Available?

There’s nothing to suggest any improvements to data output beyond the analytics provided by the Play racket. One would hope that video functionality and shot-by-shot analysis will be there.

We’re hearing the new sensor won’t be available until around August, 2017. Just in time for a US Open launch perhaps?! Watch this space.

Babolat Pulse 2017

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