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News about upcoming gadgets, new to market gadgets and any available updates to current gadgets and apps. We’ll present them here in article format or in brief. Also in this section, the coach’s opinion on what’s hot and what’s not in this relatively new industry.


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  • Recording Tennis Stats – Is There an App for That? - Recording tennis stats can be a laborious task. Yet tennis stats, when recorded correctly, can tell a player so much about their game and areas that require improvement. Once the stats are recorded, there’s an extrapolation process. Putting the recorded stats into a readable format or, better still, visual format, can take a while. After […]
  • Smart Dampener by Courtmatics Out Soon - Over a year ago GT wrote about Smart Dampener by Courtmatics. The Smart Dampener was due for release late last year but the trail went cold. It’s taken a while (over a year in fact) but the Smart Dampener is about to become a reality. Pre-sale of the product is now scheduled for late November […]
  • Head Tennis Sensor Powered by Zepp Zepp 2, Head Tennis Sensor and In/Out Testing in November - The sensor market has remained quiet recently but things seem to be heating up late in 2017. The New Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor Find our review of Zepp 2 here. The Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor is now available from select retailers. We’ll have our hands on ours at the end of October for extensive testing. […]
  • What’s Happened to the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor? - In a market that showed so much promise, it seems the tennis sensor industry has died off a bit in 2017. While the world waits for new entrants (and there are some, but more on that later), a stack of people are asking “what’s happened to the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor?” The Best Racket Sensor in […]
  • Tennis gadget market heating up in 2017 Tennis Gadget Market Heating Up in 2017 - It’s been a little quiet around the tennis gadget market throughout the first half of 2017. That appears to be changing, however. Whether it’s the warmer weather or the second Grand Slam now underway in Paris, rumors abound regarding a couple of new entrants to the Tennis gadget industry, although the existing market remains a little […]