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Tennis Gadget Market Heating Up in 2017

It's been a little quiet around the tennis gadget market throughout the first half of 2017. That appears to be changing, however. Whether it's the warmer weather or the second Grand Slam now underway in Paris, rumors abound regarding a couple of new entrants to the Tennis gadget industry, although the existing market remains a little quiet. New Tennis ... More

First Look at Babolat’s New Pulse Sensor Coming in 2017

In another effort to lead the way in tennis gadgets and technology, Babolat appears to be planning the release of a brand new tennis sensor in mid-2017. And now we have a snippet of early marketing to prove it (full flyer can be seen below). It would seem the "Pulse" lives! Babolat Play, Pop, and now the new Pulse To date, Babolat is the only racket ... More

Tennis Sensor App Showing Flat for Spin – Video Analysis

In an article in July, we argued against sensors showing flat as a reading for spin. Zepp, Qlipp and Babolat Play all have three spin types within their apps - topspin, slice and flat. Sony Smart Sensor has two- just slice and topspin. Biggest Problem with Flat On the screenshot (right) from our recent 100 ball accuracy test, you can see that a backhand ... More

Racket Speed or Ball Speed – Which One Is More Important?

The four tennis sensors (Sony, Qlipp, Zepp and Babolat Play) have rather different outputs for "Speed". So, as a player and/or coach, is racket speed more valuable or more important than ball speed, or vice versa? It should be stated at the outset that all you will ever get from Zepp and Babolat Play are session or overall averages. Neither provides ... More

Improve Your Volleys with Sony Smart Tennis Sensor or Babolat Play

There are some who would argue that volleys are becoming lost to the game of tennis. While one has to agree that the modern game has less volleying than 20 years ago or more, it's still an integral part of learning the game. When I was a junior, volleying was the easiest part of the game to learn. It was a two step process. Abbreviated backswing, ... More