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Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor – Any Improvement on the First Zepp? Part 1

The Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor hit retail shelves a couple of months back.We were hesitant to test it based on our review of Zepp's first foray into tennis racket sensors. More than that, in our article last month we revealed the new Head sensor, which is powered by Zepp. Whether they're the same or similar will be revealed shortly, but we felt there was enough ... More

What’s Happened to the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor?

In a market that showed so much promise, it seems the tennis sensor industry has died off a bit in 2017. While the world waits for new entrants (and there are some, but more on that later), a stack of people are asking "what's happened to the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor?" The Best Racket Sensor in the Business In our tests, the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor came ... More

Tennis Sensor App Showing Flat for Spin – Video Analysis

In an article in July, we argued against sensors showing flat as a reading for spin. Zepp, Qlipp and Babolat Play all have three spin types within their apps - topspin, slice and flat. Sony Smart Sensor has two- just slice and topspin. Biggest Problem with Flat On the screenshot (right) from our recent 100 ball accuracy test, you can see that a backhand ... More

Qlipp v Sony – Are Tennis Sensors Accurate?

Tennis sensors are a relatively new addition to tennis. The Qlipp Sensor is the latest to hit the market while the Sony Smart Sensor has been around a little longer. We decided to get a handle on whether the output from these devices is accurate. Why Qlipp and Sony and not the Others? Two simple answers: Session Log and Sensor Location. One thing ... More

Racket Speed or Ball Speed – Which One Is More Important?

The four tennis sensors (Sony, Qlipp, Zepp and Babolat Play) have rather different outputs for "Speed". So, as a player and/or coach, is racket speed more valuable or more important than ball speed, or vice versa? It should be stated at the outset that all you will ever get from Zepp and Babolat Play are session or overall averages. Neither provides ... More