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Head Tennis Sensor – Game Changing Mount. How About the Analytics?

The new Head Tennis Sensor arrived on retail shelves a few days ago, amid very little fanfare it must be said. The sensor is "powered by Zepp", which rings a few alarm bells based on our testing. We've been testing the Head Tennis Sensor for the last couple of months. The companion app was clunky and difficult in beta form. The release of the retail ... More

Zepp 2 Video – Review of Video Functionality

In Part 1 of our review of the new Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor we delved into the on-court and app experience. In Part 2, we're still looking through the app but looking specifically at the new video functionality. For those familiar with Zepp 1, 3D Man was as "video" as it got. Zepp 2 has two options when it comes to video, and neither of them involve a 3D ... More

Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor – Any Improvement on the First Zepp? Part 1

The Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor hit retail shelves a couple of months back.We were hesitant to test it based on our review of Zepp's first foray into tennis racket sensors. More than that, in our article last month we revealed the new Head sensor, which is powered by Zepp. Whether they're the same or similar will be revealed shortly, but we felt there was enough ... More

Zepp 2, Head Tennis Sensor and In/Out Testing in November

The sensor market has remained quiet recently but things seem to be heating up late in 2017. The New Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor Find our review of Zepp 2 here. The Zepp 2 Tennis Sensor is now available from select retailers. We'll have our hands on ours at the end of October for extensive testing. Apart from a completely new look, it seems Zepp have added ... More

What’s Happened to the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor?

In a market that showed so much promise, it seems the tennis sensor industry has died off a bit in 2017. While the world waits for new entrants (and there are some, but more on that later), a stack of people are asking "what's happened to the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor?" The Best Racket Sensor in the Business In our tests, the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor came ... More