Tennis Gadget Market Heating Up in 2017

It’s been a little quiet around the tennis gadget market throughout the first half of 2017. That appears to be changing, however. Whether it’s the warmer weather or the second Grand Slam now underway in Paris, rumors abound regarding a couple of new entrants to the Tennis gadget industry, although the existing market remains a little quiet.

New Tennis Gadget Stuff

Babolat Gadgets Old and New

New Babolat Pulse Zoom

Babolat have decided that the gadget tennis market is worth pursuing. This northern hemisphere Summer, the Babolat Play rackets will officially be no more. There are no future updates planned for the lacklustre POP. As suggested in our article of December last year, the new Pulse sensor will fit the cap of Babolat rackets and sit in the string bed of other rackets.

We’re hearing the new sensor will be available in time for Wimbledon, or perhaps during Wimbledon. Only problem with that theory is that there’s been no marketing effort from Babolat on the new product; no launch date, no app release, no beta testing that we know of. Given the strength of the Babolat marketing machine, we’re finding a release in that short a time frame a little dubious.

Nonetheless, bring it on.


The In/Out net mounted line callerDevelopers are still going with a commercial release date of “during the Summer”. We’ll be chasing some more specifics on that as we’re more than a little excited about the product’s possibilities (see article)

Other New Stuff

Big news in coming days or weeks about a new entrant to the sensor market. Stay tuned.

Current Gadgets: Sony STS, Qlipp

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Following on from our update late last year, a batch of Sony sensors were in circulation with, it seems, major battery problems. They wouldn’t charge out of the box. While the Sony STS wins a sensor comparison test both on and off the court, it’s worthless without the ability to use it in the first place. Add to this the fact that it’s hard to find a Sony STS available for sale on tennis retail websites and we’re wondering if the honeymoon is over.

There’s been no update to the app software since December, 2016, although we might delve into the suggestion of our own SDK (Software Development Kit) in coming months.

Zepp Sensor

There are still a few of these available from retailers but the trail’s gone cold. Adapting what is essentially a sensor for a baseball bat to a tennis racket may have been a little more difficult than first thought. Is the Zepp dead in the water? We’ll be pursuing this to find out more.

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