Tennis Sensor Comparison Table – How They Stack Up

The tennis sensor industry is relatively new. Which sensor suits your playing needs?The GT Sensor Comparison Table lists the four main tennis sensors available on the market today: Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, Zepp, Qlipp and the Baolat Play racket. All have been independently tested by tennis players, both juniors and adults, as well as by coaches. It should be noted from the outset that Gadget Tennis is not endorsed by, no sponsored by, any of the products on this table or on this website. We don’t sell any of the products either.

The tennis sensor industry is in its infancy. We’re talking less than 5 years. No sensor that we’ve tested is perfect. Far from it. Some, however, are far better than others.

Gadget Tennis is interested in a sensor’s ability to improve a player’s game, whether that be one particular shot, spin or perhaps a serve. We’ve chosen to focus on the data and how t’s displayed rather than the social sharing aspect of each device.

What is Analytics Drill-Down?

One heading from the table that requires explanation is the “Analytics Drill-down”. All sensors provide players with averages over a session ie how many topspin this or that shot, how many serves etc. They also may provide a session average heat map.

The “shot by shot” and “shots by time period” allow a player to focus in on one shot within a session, or a group of shots within a session (or time period). The Sony STS app enables the latter via the use of its “curtain” function at the bottom of the screen. This can become important if a player has been practicing using different methods in any given session. Say, hand fed versus racket fed balls for example.

The table will continue to be updated as device updates are released or as new sensors come on to the market.

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Sony Smart Sensor
Sony STS
Babolat Play 2


Stored in DeviceYesYesNoYes
Live ModeYesYesYesNo

Stroke Analysis

GT Accuracy Score*98%+98%+75% - 85%98%+
GT Accuracy Score*80%N/AN/A50%
GT Accuracy Score*50%N/AN/A50%
GT Accuracy Score*90%+98%+80%90%+

Analytics Drill-down

Full Session AverageYesYesYesYes
Shot by ShotYesNoYesNo
Shots by Time PeriodYesNoNoNo
Heat MapYesYesYes#Yes


Racket SpeedYesYesNoNo
Ball SpeedYes"Potential"~YesYes**




Video CapabilityYesNoYesNo
Specific ShotYesNoYesNo
Specific Shot & SpinYesNoNoNo
* The GT Accuracy score is based on the Sensor Accuracy Challenge
^ Our opinion on the use of "Flat" as a spin measurement is discussed in the article "Sensor Says Flat". Click here for more.
# The Qlipp doesn't provide a racket heat map per Sony STS and Zepp. Rather it provides a numerical score out of 100 for "Sweetspot"
~ Zepp provides a "potential" ball speed based on the speed of the racket.
** Babolat Play provides ball speed for serves only.

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